Monday, July 11, 2011

My First Time at Kobe Academy

I had lots of fun at the Kobe Bryant Academy. The Kobe Bryant Academy is a basketball camp. Its awesome. We had games, did drills, and had a dunk contest. I stayed in a dormitory with 3 people. My roommates were pretty cool. The first day I set my bed and peeked around the resort. Then I went to the Thunderdome and played basketball. The Thunderdome was awesome. It was pretty big. I also got to see Kobe. After that we separated into teams. Then we had dinner. The next day we did drills. We got to see kobe again. We had a photo shoot.

This is a video about the second day of Kobe Academy.  The day after that we had 2 games. We also saw kobe do a 360 dunk. We also saw Matt Barnes. Him and Kobe played Knockout with some other kids. We also saw him play one on one with some other kids.

 The day after that we had 1 regular game and one playoff game. We lost the playoff game. But that day we had a dunk contest.

One of the coaches won it. One of the campers participated in it but he lost in the first round. I had fun that day. On the last day I packed my bags. and went to the gym. We played one last game but lost. But then each camper got an autograph from kobe. He signed my basketball. Then we had an award ceremony. Lastly I went to the hotel and took my bags and went home.