Sunday, January 24, 2010

Metallica: Enter Sandman

Hey guys, I've been taking guitar lessons now and I just learned part of this awesome song.

------------------------------------------ ( high E string)
------------------------------------------ ( B string)
------------------------------------------ ( G string)
------------------5---------------------- ( D string)
--------------7--------------7----------- ( A string)
---------0-----------6---5---------------( low E string)

Play this a few times.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

SpiderMan 3 Mission: Dewolfe - Part One ( A Cry for Help)


Now I'm going to show you how to beat Dewolfe part one. I don't care what you think but I love the third part. It's awesome. But I'm showing you the first part. Now some detective named Dewolfe needs your help to kill some badguys who are running guns into the city. Now she doesn't have a warrant to touch them so she wants you to kill them. And before you kill them you have to take a pic of them selling guns for evidence. Ok now you have to chase them. But don't get too close to there car or they'll suspect you and flee. Don't get too far either or you'll lose them. Follow them to there warehouse. Now I have a small trick. If you are on the same street instead of webswinging start running. This way they will think you are a regular man. But still don't get too close cause they'll recognize you. Now when you get to the warehouse all the doors and windows are locked. But get on the roof. Now there will be a small opening. Jump in there. Now don't move you are on a narrow platform above the badguys. Now just take a quick pic of them when one of the guys is holding an open crate with a gun inside it. Now when you take the picture all of the thugs will see you. Some of them will escape in a car and some will stay here to kill you. Now first kill the ones inside the warehouse and then kill the escaping ones in the car. Now all you have to do is go back to Dewolfe and give her the picture. Bye.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Spiderman 3 Mission: Mad Bomber - Part Two ( Subway Disaster)

Hey guys,
Now we're starting to get to the harder missions. If I write something you don't understand, don't get angry at me. I'm playing the game and telling you. I used to look at other websites. These missions might take up alot of time cause they're hard.
          Ok, now you're in Jameson gets a call telling him that bombs were planted under the subway. You have to try to disable some a some you have to sort of dismantle. So now your headed to the subway. Follow the yellow marker. The building that you walked through may not look like a subway building. Go down the center stairway. Go turn right and go down the other set of stairs. Keep going down then turn left. Go straight and on the left side there should be more stairs. go through there. Go left then go down the stairs. Now go turn right and go down more stairs. Now go web swing across the tracks. Now you will see that along the path to the right a guy who tried to blow up the other building in Mad Bomber ( part one). He will go inside a big hole in the wall on the left. Now go inside and kill those guys. After you kill them turn on your spider senses and look for a big yellow paper. The yellow won't appear right then and there so wait a few seconds. Now go to the paper and press x/square. Now you have discovered that those guys planted bombs along the whole subway. Even in the room you are in. They are stuck to the two sets of pipes. You have to web them up. Go ahead. Once you're done webbing up the bombs you'll be out of this room because you will have to disable another bomb. And I mean disable!
         Keep going down the railway. Now on the ground there should be a big trapdoor well not exactly a trapdoor cause there's nothing to really trap. In that door is a bomb. You need help lifting the trapdoor. You will attempt to use the trains to help you. When one goes by press b/circle. Well it might not be b. Go to the bomb and you will be told what to do. You have to disarm the bomb quick because each bomb is made of several layers. So first you have to unscrew a part of the bomb. When a nut is unscrewed you will have to press the button above its hole. Now you have to try to get the pipes to flow through to the green thing. You will have to press the buttons to turn the way the liquid flows so it gets to the green thing. Sorry I just don't know what to call it. Now just press the button showed. It will probably be x/square. Oh and by the way if you don't understand me by saying x/square or b/circle, I play Xbox 360 and you might be playing Playstation 3 so on the left of the slash is what to press if you are playing Xbox 360 and on the right is if you are playing PS3. Ok now there is another bomb to deactivate. So get out of the small underground room. Go to the place that is marked. Now when you are there, there will be a big flowing waterway above you. Now along the waterway is a place where one of the bombs is hidden. But unfortunately the water level is to high to go so you have to stop the water from flowing. So after you get in the waterway and spidey tells himself that it's to high get out and go to the other marker pointed for you. In front of you there will be a wooden part of the wall and if you break that there will be a wheel to twist which lowers the water level. If you can't find this locate this with your spider senses. Now after this go into the water which stopped flowing and follow its path. Now you will fall down a few feet in a small place. Now climb up and through a small hole which leaves you on to a platform. Now here you have to disarm a bomb. Now some bombs have different layers. In this bomb for the first layer you have to rapidly press Y/triangle. You will now see a small red circle on a white line. Now this part is sort of like Guitar Hero 3. Buttons will go along the white line and when it is in the red circle you have to hit them. Now the sequence for me was B,Y,Y,Y,B/circle, triangle, triangle, triangle, circle. Now you just have to press the button X. Oh and by the way that sequence thing it's the timing that matters. So now get out of that place and follow the marker. You will see a few guys. Now you see that those guys are just switching trains right? No, there is a bomb behind the train. Now either first kill those guys or just throw them into the pit in the center. Now when you kill those guys there should be two levers. One on the left one on the right. Pull the one on the right two times. Now the train which had the bomb behind it shall be out of its small "home". Now disable that bomb. Now you have to press LT and RT rapidly. If you don't do that rapidly it will just open and close. Ok now you have to make a path for the liquid to go through to the green thing. Just press A two times. Then after this press X and you are done disabling the bomb. But one of the bombers are pushing the train to the railroad and it will sooner or later crash so you're trying to stop it. That's obvious isn't it. Now all you have to do is press the buttons that pop on to the screen. Now you are done you stopped the train before it exploded. Ok see ya.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Spiderman 3 Mission: The Lizard - Part One ( In Search of the Lizards)

Hey guys,

Sorry I couldn't do Mad Bomber part two. I decided to do this mission because you need to pass this to get to Mad Bomber part two. Ok now first Peter's boss tells you that there have been giant lizard spottings in Grammecy Park. You think that's crazy. I know. Parker also thinks that's crazy so he just instead trys to take a picture of Larry the Lizard who advertises cellphones. This is a photo mission ok. So before you start taking pics of Larry you will have to go over the basics of taking the pictures. Now head over to the hot dog cart that has been marked for you. Go to the hot dog cart and take a picture of it. Now to get into photo mode press the button down on your control pad. You can do a few things in photo mode. Now you can angle your camera with the right stick. You can also see your objectives with x/square. You can take a picture by pressing a/x. You can go back out of camera mode by pressing b/circle. You can also zoom in or out by pushing the left stick up or down. Now once you take a picture of the hot dog kart you will go to Larry the Lizard, and yes he is marked.
        Now take the picture then you have to go back to the daily bugle building. Now your boss complains that it's just a guy in a costume. Now go down to the place marked for you. Now some guy's saying, " Run! Help! It's the end of the world!" That attracts your attention. So now go to another place that is marked. Now the same guy will say, " Spidey, green monster, that way."
       Go to another place marked and activate your spider senses. You will see a small red moving object in the alley and some lizard footprints. Now get on a wall in the alley and when the lizard is visible take a pic of him. You need more pics and the lizard dashed away. Now go to another marker. There will be some punks. Kill them. Now go to the marker ( only 20 feet away) and turn on your spider senses. There will be three paths to follow to find a lizard. 2 are dead ends. Usually the one you search last is the one where you can find the lizard. I'm not so sure that's true. But the one that worked for me was the one in the middle. But one part in that path you will have two choices at a part where the footprints enter the cross walk. There's one on the right leaving the crosswalk and there is one almost straight ahead. Take the one straight ahead. Now keep going and in a matter of time you will see a lizard eating hot dogs out of a hot dog cart. You have to go close enough, not too close, and take a pic of it. In some time it will run away so take the photo quick. Now after this you go back to the daily bugle. Ya, finally the mission's over.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Spiderman 3 Mission: Mad Bomber - Part One

Hi guys,
I'm sorry I didn't publish this post for this mission first since it's the mission which you have to do first.
Ok this is a training mission so don't worry if it takes a long time to pass it. I know the narrator walks you through the level but I decided to give you some tips along the way. You'll start out in a burning building. But don't worry, no fire is going to suddenly out of nowhere pop up and kill you. Back to the mission. You will be first trained in fighting. You can see that you're in a empty room. The narrator will tell you about the fast attack and the strong attack. The fast attack is fast but it is a little weak. So you might have to take a few punches to knock someone out. But the strong attack is the opposite. It is a slower attack but it is deadlier. Then he will ask you to kill a few bad guys. You can experiment with these moves and find cool and useful combos. After this your tutor ( narrator) will teach you the skill of dodging attacks. You can use this dodging move for dodging different types of attacks. Like when somebody does face to face fighting you or somebody with a gun. You will know what type and when will the guy attack because right before he attacks there will be an icon above his head. If fighting face to face the attack icon will be yellow. But when a gun is about to be shot there will be a red ( my favorite color) icon. But if someone has a really big weapon ( not a sword, something else like a stopsign) or they are doing a special attack you might not be able to dodge it. You might be able to identify that if there is a purple icon above a badguy's head. Ok now to dodge you have to hold down the spider reflexes button right after the icon appears over someones head. There is another cool part about dodging and using your spider reflexes button. Sometimes right after the thug or villian attacks you a button will be shown on the screen (the button will always be the fast attack button). If you press that button you will be able to perform a counter attack. This counter attack cannot be avoided by your enemy, so it is a very important to perform this as often as you can. Ok now the narrator will tell you to dodge a couple of attacks. After you dodge them you have to kill them. Now the narrator opens the door and you should proceed. Now you should jump onto a platform on the left. There will be 3 platforms. Oh and if you hold down the jump button down longer you will jump higher. Now go through the door on the left. There will be a few thugs in there. Oh and right when you go through the door they will tell you about super attacks. If you fill the big red circle shaped meter in the top you will be able to do a super attack. You can fill this meter by doing chain linked attacks. Now when you battle the group of thugs you will have to use the super attack the narrator will tell you about. The attack is RB + X if you're playing Xbox 360, but if you are playing PS3 it will be R1 + square. Now the game screen will tell you to activate your spider senses by clicking the right stick. This is a useful move to use because it highlights different objects that will be important to you in the game. Now when you activate your spider senses you will be told to look around and see if there's anything suspicious. Now when you look around you will see a guy putting a bomb on the other side of the wall. Then when the guy runs away the bomb will explode. Now go through the wall and now you will be asked to climb onto the wall to stop some bombs from exploding. They are on the ceiling. To climb on the wall just jump on it and press B. Or if you're playing PS3 press circle. Now climb onto the ceiling and you can also use your spider senses to find bombs. When you are on the ceiling and next to a bomb. a web icon will appear saying B or circle in the middle. You have to hold those buttons down and wait till there is enought web around the bomb. When your done webbing up the bomb wait for them to explode. They will barely explode. Now you will find yourself outside of the room near a narrow part of the building. And about ten yards away is a bad guy. But he doesn't see you. Just press B and pull him to you. Then attack him and kill him. Now keep going down the passageway and you'll see a doorway on the right. Now when you go through the doorway the screen will say to hold LT or L2 to run faster. You can also crawl and webswing faster. We'll get to the webswinging later. Now keep going down the passage way and soon you will have to turn left. Then you'll have to turn right through a doorway. Now activate your spider senses. You might see a green object. Don't worry about that. Now somewhere on the ground there will be 4 yellow triangles. And right above that there will be a yellowish brownish tank. Now stand on the 4 yellow triangles. Then press the button that appears on the screen. Ten there will be two other buttons. It will either be X and B or square and circle. These buttons will always stay the same. when they appear you have to press them repeatedly. You should use both of your thumbs for this. Now when your done pressing the 2 buttons the tank will break and spray water on the fire. Now when you go through the doorway and you activate your spider senses you will see two green platforms. You will need two jump on these. Yo might need to do a double jump to get on these platforms to get on the other side. After you get on the other side go through the door. Now walk just a little bit on the ramp. Turn around and look up. You will see a high platform. Just hold the jump button and get on there. Now when you are on the platform there will be a open door. Right through that doorway there will be a lot of bad guys. Now this is a training mission so don't be afraid. This is a time where you are supposed to use combos with X, Y, and B. Now get in there and fight. Now there is a door on the right. When you go through that door you will have to perform a fast chain sequence. You will have to press buttons that appear on the screen really fast. This is a really easy sequence, but you'll perform harder ones. The order is just A, A, Rt ( X, X, R2 for PS3).
          Now you'll be outside on top of a building. Now you'll learn how to webswing. Press Rt to shoot out a web line. You will have to hold down Rt to hold down on your webline. You can adjust where spiderman goes when he's moving on his webline by moving the left stick. Oh and if you have no buildings or anything to swing from you can't swing so don't get so high. Ok now the game will tell you to go to some places by showing you a yellow marker, and the number right below the marker is the number of feet away it is. They will also later tell you about the zoom map. The zoom map is how you activate the mission. When you activate the mission the gamescreen will tell you where it is with a blue marker. You can activate the zoom map by pressing the back button. I got to go now, bye.

World's Hardest Game Cheat

Hi guys, I got a cheat to World's Hardest Game to beat it. It's kind of weird. But I don't think you should do this cheat when you're on a really high level cause you'll get mad at me. It just plays fast foward through the whole game. Do this cheat while your playing the game. Ok first right click at the game and then click "settings". After that you should see something else on your screen. There should be a few icons on the bottom. Click on the microphone. You might not see a change though. Ok now right click the dropdown which says "microphone ( Conexant High Define)". Well the drop down doesn't have to say that actually. It can say anything. Now click the option "play" in the right click menu. The game will fast forward itself till it's done. But if you don't close the box you'll end up starting the game over. Oh and just remember you have to do this cheat while in gameplay. Not when you are on the menu or anything.