Monday, May 31, 2010

Spiderman 3 Mission: Daily Bugle- Part 1 ( Talk to Robbie for Photo Assignments)

Hey guys, now we're going to do a daily bugle mission. Let me just say that some people think this is fun and some think it's really boring. Once your in the building, go to Robbie. He will give you assignments to take some pictures. Now go to the cops at the police station which is pointed with the marker. Don't stand to close to the police men or to far from them. You can zoom if you want to and then press a to take the picture. Then go to a trafic jam where there was an accident and take the picture. Then take a picture of a cabbie, and then another wreck. And then there is one of tourists in time square. But then you have to beat up some gangs. Now just go back to the bugle.

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