Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My First Sleep Away Camp In San Bernandino

Hey guys. I had lots of fun at camp last week. We did so many things. On Saturday  my parents dropped me off at around 3:30. That day we had a game of ice breaker. Then we meditated and ate dinner (its a regular camp founded by SRF, Self  Realization Fellowship).We had macaroni for dinner that night. Then we played basketball. The next day we had a lot of fun. We had pancakes and fake sausages for breakfast. We played water polo, climbed ropes, and played kickball. We also had a welcome campfire after dinner. The day after that we learned a different type of meditation technique. We also started to craft an alter. We had yoga, games and, stories. The next day we hiked. The day after that we did archery, rope climbing, and yoga. I won best archer in the whole camp. That day we had movie night. We watched Megamind. The day after that we finished our alter and played water polo. The next day we had biking, capture the flag and volleyball. The last day we ate breakfast and went on a bus that dropped us off at a temple. My dad picked me up from there.

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