Thursday, December 3, 2009

Spiderman 3 Mission: Apocalypse - Part Two ( The Bomb Shelter)

Now you are going to be dealing with thugs in a subway but first you have to track them. So activate your spider senses and follow the glowing footprints. But if your having trouble just go down the stairs, go left through the turnstiles, then go down through another staircase, then turn left at the base. Then you will hear and see two pedestrians talking about crazy guys staying in the tunnel. And you guest right. Those crazy guys are the Apocalypse. After hearing the pedestrians Spiderman will catch a ride on the train into the tunnel.
Now you'll get of the train at the end. I'm sorry, you won't have to jump. The game will jump for you. Now when you're off the train you'll see about 3 punks. Kill all of them. Then you'll see a platform on the left. Get on it and you'll see a doorway. Now you need to track more punks. I suggest to use your spider senses. Now go through the doorway and drop down into the first room, then enter the tunnel on the right, then enter another tunnel on a platform on the left and that leads to the Apocalypse's HQ. There are many thugs but first get the ones on the top platform which now on your left. I suggest this because they have guns Now kill the ones from the ground. When the room is clear of thugs locate the hostages by using your spider senses and free them by pressing the button it shows you. A hostage will appear green when using your spider senses. But there's one more hostage tied on the subway tracks and one of the trains is heading his way. Now you'll see a door way leading to the subway tracks. Now keep going forward and jump when you see a railing in front of you. Now you have to free the hostage quickly. When you are done with that keep web slingging down the subway. Then you'll see some punks near a station. Now just knock some down on the tracks. Then just kill the one on the platform. Be careful with the one that has a stop sign. Now take care of the ones on the tracks.

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