Thursday, December 31, 2009

Spiderman 3 Mission: Apocalypse - Part Three ( The Power Grid)

After this mission you'll be done with the Apocalypse for good. After speaking with a police officer you'll have to follow his cruiser to battle some thugs. Following him can be tricky so just hop on top of his police car instead of web slinging. Once your there you'll have to kill some thugs. It shouldn't be too hard.
Now you have to either follow the police car and get to a moving van with bad guys in it or just web sling to it. When your near the van jump on top of it. Now a thug will appear to come out of the side window and he'll try to fight you. Just kill him with a few fast attacks. Now Spidey will try to disable the car engine. He will jump on the front of the car and you will rapidly press the fast attacks and web/crawl button. Now when the engine is disabled the thug who was driving will fight you man-to-man. After you take him down you will have to disable a power generator which is across the city. When your at the power generator you will face two bad guys. But just fight them after you deactivate the switches. Locate the switches bye using your spider senses. They will appear yellow. After flipping the four switches and you killed the two thugs there will be a bomb in the van. You see the time limit on the screen, that's the time in which the bomb explodes. Get the bomb and web sling to your HUD. The HUD is a dock where now you'll throw the bomb in the water. But you have also attracted attention to the gang leader of the Apocalypse.

Boss Battle

Okay now you have to face a boss. But there are a few more bad guys and they all have weapons. So don't try to kill them all at once. That's a suicide mission. Get on top of the shed. Now just leap into the air and by using your webs pull up the bosses men and fight them in the air. When you killed his men, jump up ( while fighting the boss) which will evade the bosses attacks and then you can pound the boss into the ground which will stun him and that gives you time to attack him. But you can also hold down LB and LR/ L1 and L2 then fight. Do this several times and you will eventually have the boss defeated ( not killed defeated).


  1. this mission is fucking impossible

  2. Easy way to do this. I too, found it impossible. Then I realised this boss, has the same weakness as all the gang bosses. Turn into spidey sense mode to dodge his attacks, slip behind him and press Y A A Y for a powerful attack that

    A) Will send him in the water, instantly killing him
    B) It's the perfect attack, and if you do it right I guarantee he won't hi you once

    1. That was the perfect attack killed him within seconds