Saturday, January 9, 2010

Spiderman 3 Mission: Mad Bomber - Part Two ( Subway Disaster)

Hey guys,
Now we're starting to get to the harder missions. If I write something you don't understand, don't get angry at me. I'm playing the game and telling you. I used to look at other websites. These missions might take up alot of time cause they're hard.
          Ok, now you're in Jameson gets a call telling him that bombs were planted under the subway. You have to try to disable some a some you have to sort of dismantle. So now your headed to the subway. Follow the yellow marker. The building that you walked through may not look like a subway building. Go down the center stairway. Go turn right and go down the other set of stairs. Keep going down then turn left. Go straight and on the left side there should be more stairs. go through there. Go left then go down the stairs. Now go turn right and go down more stairs. Now go web swing across the tracks. Now you will see that along the path to the right a guy who tried to blow up the other building in Mad Bomber ( part one). He will go inside a big hole in the wall on the left. Now go inside and kill those guys. After you kill them turn on your spider senses and look for a big yellow paper. The yellow won't appear right then and there so wait a few seconds. Now go to the paper and press x/square. Now you have discovered that those guys planted bombs along the whole subway. Even in the room you are in. They are stuck to the two sets of pipes. You have to web them up. Go ahead. Once you're done webbing up the bombs you'll be out of this room because you will have to disable another bomb. And I mean disable!
         Keep going down the railway. Now on the ground there should be a big trapdoor well not exactly a trapdoor cause there's nothing to really trap. In that door is a bomb. You need help lifting the trapdoor. You will attempt to use the trains to help you. When one goes by press b/circle. Well it might not be b. Go to the bomb and you will be told what to do. You have to disarm the bomb quick because each bomb is made of several layers. So first you have to unscrew a part of the bomb. When a nut is unscrewed you will have to press the button above its hole. Now you have to try to get the pipes to flow through to the green thing. You will have to press the buttons to turn the way the liquid flows so it gets to the green thing. Sorry I just don't know what to call it. Now just press the button showed. It will probably be x/square. Oh and by the way if you don't understand me by saying x/square or b/circle, I play Xbox 360 and you might be playing Playstation 3 so on the left of the slash is what to press if you are playing Xbox 360 and on the right is if you are playing PS3. Ok now there is another bomb to deactivate. So get out of the small underground room. Go to the place that is marked. Now when you are there, there will be a big flowing waterway above you. Now along the waterway is a place where one of the bombs is hidden. But unfortunately the water level is to high to go so you have to stop the water from flowing. So after you get in the waterway and spidey tells himself that it's to high get out and go to the other marker pointed for you. In front of you there will be a wooden part of the wall and if you break that there will be a wheel to twist which lowers the water level. If you can't find this locate this with your spider senses. Now after this go into the water which stopped flowing and follow its path. Now you will fall down a few feet in a small place. Now climb up and through a small hole which leaves you on to a platform. Now here you have to disarm a bomb. Now some bombs have different layers. In this bomb for the first layer you have to rapidly press Y/triangle. You will now see a small red circle on a white line. Now this part is sort of like Guitar Hero 3. Buttons will go along the white line and when it is in the red circle you have to hit them. Now the sequence for me was B,Y,Y,Y,B/circle, triangle, triangle, triangle, circle. Now you just have to press the button X. Oh and by the way that sequence thing it's the timing that matters. So now get out of that place and follow the marker. You will see a few guys. Now you see that those guys are just switching trains right? No, there is a bomb behind the train. Now either first kill those guys or just throw them into the pit in the center. Now when you kill those guys there should be two levers. One on the left one on the right. Pull the one on the right two times. Now the train which had the bomb behind it shall be out of its small "home". Now disable that bomb. Now you have to press LT and RT rapidly. If you don't do that rapidly it will just open and close. Ok now you have to make a path for the liquid to go through to the green thing. Just press A two times. Then after this press X and you are done disabling the bomb. But one of the bombers are pushing the train to the railroad and it will sooner or later crash so you're trying to stop it. That's obvious isn't it. Now all you have to do is press the buttons that pop on to the screen. Now you are done you stopped the train before it exploded. Ok see ya.

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  1. can you please gime save file after crossing mad bomber 2 mission