Friday, January 8, 2010

Spiderman 3 Mission: The Lizard - Part One ( In Search of the Lizards)

Hey guys,

Sorry I couldn't do Mad Bomber part two. I decided to do this mission because you need to pass this to get to Mad Bomber part two. Ok now first Peter's boss tells you that there have been giant lizard spottings in Grammecy Park. You think that's crazy. I know. Parker also thinks that's crazy so he just instead trys to take a picture of Larry the Lizard who advertises cellphones. This is a photo mission ok. So before you start taking pics of Larry you will have to go over the basics of taking the pictures. Now head over to the hot dog cart that has been marked for you. Go to the hot dog cart and take a picture of it. Now to get into photo mode press the button down on your control pad. You can do a few things in photo mode. Now you can angle your camera with the right stick. You can also see your objectives with x/square. You can take a picture by pressing a/x. You can go back out of camera mode by pressing b/circle. You can also zoom in or out by pushing the left stick up or down. Now once you take a picture of the hot dog kart you will go to Larry the Lizard, and yes he is marked.
        Now take the picture then you have to go back to the daily bugle building. Now your boss complains that it's just a guy in a costume. Now go down to the place marked for you. Now some guy's saying, " Run! Help! It's the end of the world!" That attracts your attention. So now go to another place that is marked. Now the same guy will say, " Spidey, green monster, that way."
       Go to another place marked and activate your spider senses. You will see a small red moving object in the alley and some lizard footprints. Now get on a wall in the alley and when the lizard is visible take a pic of him. You need more pics and the lizard dashed away. Now go to another marker. There will be some punks. Kill them. Now go to the marker ( only 20 feet away) and turn on your spider senses. There will be three paths to follow to find a lizard. 2 are dead ends. Usually the one you search last is the one where you can find the lizard. I'm not so sure that's true. But the one that worked for me was the one in the middle. But one part in that path you will have two choices at a part where the footprints enter the cross walk. There's one on the right leaving the crosswalk and there is one almost straight ahead. Take the one straight ahead. Now keep going and in a matter of time you will see a lizard eating hot dogs out of a hot dog cart. You have to go close enough, not too close, and take a pic of it. In some time it will run away so take the photo quick. Now after this you go back to the daily bugle. Ya, finally the mission's over.

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