Saturday, January 2, 2010

World's Hardest Game Cheat

Hi guys, I got a cheat to World's Hardest Game to beat it. It's kind of weird. But I don't think you should do this cheat when you're on a really high level cause you'll get mad at me. It just plays fast foward through the whole game. Do this cheat while your playing the game. Ok first right click at the game and then click "settings". After that you should see something else on your screen. There should be a few icons on the bottom. Click on the microphone. You might not see a change though. Ok now right click the dropdown which says "microphone ( Conexant High Define)". Well the drop down doesn't have to say that actually. It can say anything. Now click the option "play" in the right click menu. The game will fast forward itself till it's done. But if you don't close the box you'll end up starting the game over. Oh and just remember you have to do this cheat while in gameplay. Not when you are on the menu or anything.

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